What is an enterprise podcast?

First, an enterprise podcast is a type of podcast that we will be discussing in depth. There are two varieties of enterprise podcasts that we need to define before moving forward.

  1. A podcast created by a company solely for the benefit of its employees and staff.
  2. A podcast created by a company with the goal of engaging the general public in conversations pertaining to their particular business or industry.

Why create an enterprise podcast? 

Creating a podcast exclusively for your workers or brand may not appeal to you immediately. However, there are various reasons why an internal business podcast is worthwhile.

Find a new approach to involving your staff members.

Employees could be overwhelmed with numerous emails, which makes it undesirable for them to sort through company messages and communications. 

However, podcasts offer a beneficial solution as they present lasting content that can be used to speak with your employees. 

Therefore, instead of being lost in a flood of emails, podcasts give your employees an alternative option. Your enterprise podcast is accessible for interaction at any given time.

Build & cultivate company culture 

Creating a podcast can be a powerful tool to expand and spread the message of your company’s culture. Instead of only written words, it allows for a personal touch to be added, which can foster a feeling of belonging and shared purpose amongst listeners.

Accessible always & on demand 

As stated earlier, podcasts have a timeless quality to them. The beauty of it all is that your employees can access them and listen to them at their convenience.

If you’re planning to create a podcast for your clients, it’s a wise move, and here’s why:

Establish your voice 

Using a podcast is an excellent way to communicate your brand’s personality in a more friendly and approachable manner. It allows you to demonstrate your knowledge to your client base in your particular industry and place your organization ahead of similar enterprises.

Build trust 

One effective means of engaging with your current clientele is through podcasting. By expressing your opinions and fostering a sense of fellowship through various listening and social media platforms, you can build a strong rapport with your listeners. This will help to cultivate faith in your audience.

Grow brand awareness 

Finally, utilizing podcasting can be a successful tactic to increase your brand recognition and broaden your audience. Individuals who come across your content and are intrigued by the insights you offer may transform into new customers.

What is the benefit of utilizing an enterprise podcast platform?

Podcasting offers a range of features that can streamline the entire process, from recording to broadcasting. So, if you want to maximize the potential of your business podcast, investing in an enterprise podcast solution is definitely worth considering. 

Corporate-level podcasting offers a comprehensive range of features and services that fulfill all your requirements, easing the process from recording to sharing with your staff.

Factors To Consider In An Enterprise Podcast Platform

There are varying qualities of enterprise podcast platforms. These are the factors to consider when selecting one:


Enterprise podcasting requires high-level security measures to protect all content during production and listening stages. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a platform with top-notch security features instead of settling for anything less secure.

Shared workspace 

Enterprise podcasting should allow for multiple users to easily access and edit content, as well as provide clear communication channels between team members. 

Overall, a strong enterprise podcast platform should prioritize collaboration and teamwork to ensure smooth and efficient podcast production. Managing projects efficiently and delivering prompt results.

Permissions & Access 

In the same way, it is important for your business podcast platform to provide options for setting appropriate permissions and access levels for each member of your team.


If you encounter any issues, you should not have to wait for a long time. You should be provided with a platform that provides complete and committed customer service.


This is particularly important for businesses with large, complex systems in place. It’s wise to make sure that the platform you select can easily integrate with your current technology and distribution channels, so that the process of distributing your podcast doesn’t disrupt your daily operations. 

Translate the given paragraph into simpler terms: The combination of software tools, programming languages, and technologies used by a business is called its tech stack.

Custom branding 

It is important for your podcast to reflect your business, so it is advisable to personalize it in a way that matches your brand identity. Choose a platform that allows you to tailor every aspect, even if it’s minute.

Ability to host live events 

While this may not be important to all users, it is recommended to consider a platform that can support live virtual events so that you can streamline your communication and engagement efforts. 

This allows you to have a single platform for both podcasting and internal meetings, as well as for hosting interactive events with your audience or customers. Expanding the range of individuals who purchase from your business.


If you plan on starting an internal and external podcast, you will require a platform that distributes your podcast to the significant listening platforms for your public audience. This platform should distribute the podcast automatically.

Production services 

In case you lack the resources or time to produce your own business podcast, you may consider utilizing a platform that delivers tailored business podcast services. This implies that they will handle all of the aspects of production, recording, and publishing under your supervision.

“The top 8 podcast solutions for businesses in 2023”

Currently, we will examine the most excellent podcast solutions for businesses that are available.

Omny Studio 

Omny Studio Enterprise podcast solution for hosting

Price Contact then to schedule a demonstration of our product and to receive details about our pricing.

Type: Host & management tool 

This service claims to be the most powerful enterprise podcasting solution available, and it primarily serves podcasters and radio stations as an audio management and hosting platform. Additionally, it has features that facilitate distribution to specific listenerships.

Key Features: 

  • Your content will be distributed in a safe and secure manner by using randomized tokens, signing keys, and cryptographic hashing techniques. This ensures that only your intended audience is able to access and listen to your content.
  • Records and updating existing ones. This allows for seamless integration between your membership system and other applications or websites that require user authentication.
  • The advanced API also provides flexibility in managing member data, as you can customize the fields and parameters to suit your specific needs. By using this feature, you can streamline your registration process and improve the overall user experience for your members.

Best for: Businesses aim to create podcasts both for their employees and for the general public.


Ustudio enterprise podcasting solution

Price: To gain further insight into UStudio’s pricing, you can ask for a demonstration.

Type: Hosting & distribution 

UStudio is A podcasting platform designed for businesses is available, which provides podcast hosting and distribution features. Moreover, it offers a branded podcast application that guarantees advanced security.

Key Features: 

  • The cloud provides secure private podcast hosting that can be customized and has multiple levels of verification.
  • This feature enables users to create podcasts that include both video and audio content.
  • Tailored options are available based on your specific needs, with the choice between an all-inclusive solution or a more customized approach.
  • A digital platform for podcasts that is available to individuals only, accessible via the internet and mobile devices.
  • This system can be linked with Salesforce and other customer relationship management (CRM) and learning management systems (LMS).
  • Supports livestream 
  • Keep tabs on audience involvement through the use of podcast metrics.
  • Receive personalized assistance through valuable guidance and tailored resources.
  • Audience targeting is a method of controlling access to your business’s content, restricting it to only a specific group of people.
  • Use logos and colors associated with your business to give your podcast a unique identity.

Best for: Businesses have their podcast recording requirements fulfilled but require a specific platform for listening and an approach to disseminating their content.


Castos hosting platform for Enterprise podcasts

Price: You can pay for the amount of individual users you have, and there are discounts available for larger numbers. The Castos Premium plan is geared towards bigger companies and costs $499 per month.

Type: Distribution 

From the viewpoint of a business, Castos functions as a means of distributing and accessing audio content. It furnishes both an application and platform for employees to listen to your podcast.

Key Features: 

  • Secure listening can be accessed through a single sign-on system.
  • Tailored and personalized business strategy designed for each individual enterprise.
  • This app is designed for secure listening to podcasts. Additionally, users have the option to personalize and brand the app for a unique listening experience.
  • This feature combines with HR information system, learning management system and Sharepoint integrations.
  • The Castos Premium plan provides customized assistance and advice on podcast strategies through the assistance of a designated account manager.

Best for: Businesses seeking a uncomplicated and effortless method to share their podcasts with their staff members.

Podcast Co 

Price The Premium package is priced at $99 per month and includes 200000 monthly downloads as well as the ability to have up to 5000 private subscribers.

Type: Hosting and distribution.

Podcast Co Enterprise podcast hosting is available, providing top-quality bandwidth, access to multiple admins, tools for monetization and private podcast variants. These features are made accessible via exclusive content reserved for members only.
Key Features: 

  • You can monitor engagement with your audience through the use of audience analytics.
  • A website that is only accessible to a specific group, or an RSS feed that is exclusive to certain listeners.
  • Authorize your domain to allow your staff to register themselves using their professional email address.
  • Single-sign on 
  • Working together with the capability to establish authorizations and regulate entry. Your account also allows you to handle various presentations.
  • This integrates with tools commonly used in workspaces like Trello and Zapier.
  • Private landing pages

Best For: Companies seeking a cost-effective hosting solution for their internal B2B podcast, along with a means of distribution.


Circle HD Enterprise video sharing platform for podcasting

Price Ask them for a demonstration to learn more about the cost.

Type: Content management platform.

CircleHD is a platform for enterprise-level videos and podcasts that is specifically created to focus on both learning and engagement while prioritizing high-grade security.
Key Features: 

  • Quick and convenient access to all of your content from a central location.
  • There are effective tools available that allow you to classify your content and produce personalized lists for particular individuals in your company.
  • Web-based cloud-content management 
  • Advanced security measures are available. It is possible to control who can view individual videos by assigning distinct access permissions.
  • Salesforce integration 

Best For: Companies seeking a comprehensive solution that allows them not only to produce podcasts but also training content and additional materials for their workforce.


Price: $99/month 

TypeProviding podcast hosting for enterprises along with a specialized application.

Podbean One platform that is widely recognized for hosting and earning revenue through podcasts also offers a specialized product designed specifically for businesses. With this product, businesses can generate, distribute, monitor, and evaluate their audio and video podcasts.
Key Features: 

  • Podcasts can be safely accessed by using a Single Sign-On (SSO) login, encrypted data and access control measures.
  • Podbean Enterprise Podcasting App  
  • Your staff members can listen to your podcasts on any gadget and save the episodes to play at a convenient time. Additionally, you have the option to send notifications that alert them when new content is available.
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support 

Best For: Podbean is an excellent option for businesses seeking to expand their podcasting endeavors for both their customers and employees.


Cast desk enterprise podcasting mobile platform

Price If you want to know about their pricing, you should ask for a demonstration.

Type Capturing and storing content, as well as distributing it privately.

CastDesk is an audio and video podcasting platform that is safe for businesses to use.
Key Features: 

  • As per CastDesk, they offer the most trusted business solution in the market, featuring SSO and ACL. Additionally, your podcast is stored on the Amazon cloud platform.
  • You have the ability to access a mobile app that is personalized with your logo and preferred colors. In addition, you can generate excitement within your company for your business podcast by utilizing the feed feature in the Cast Desk app.
  • Your employees can access your content regardless of their location without the need for an internet connection.
  • Easy management. 
  • CastDesk’s recording studio tool allows you to directly capture your podcast content.

Best For: Businesses seeking a comprehensive podcast solution that encompasses the entire process from inception to release.

Learn how to initiate an Enterprise Podcast using Riverside.

Below is a brief instruction for beginning your business podcast using Riverside.

The Business plan offers many capabilities that are tailored specifically for corporate podcasting.

  • Customized packages. Our business plan is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your company.
  • Shared workspace. Work together effectively with your team by utilizing a synchronized production environment. You have the ability to designate various privileges and positions such as administrative officers, managers, and writers as required.
  • Customization of logos and branding in the studio. Enhance your business’s brand recognition throughout the recording process by incorporating your logo into both the studio and guest lobby.
  • Obtain certification for SOC 2 Type 2 to achieve enhanced security. We provide secure authentication and full call recording encryption from start to finish.
  • Frame rate settings. With the aid of a Business plan, you are able to manipulate and modify the frequency at which your studio recordings occur, ranging between 25 frames per second (FPS) and 29.97 FPS.
  • Mobile controls. Ensure that the guests who will be participating in your Riverside app recording session appear at their finest. You have the ability to fine-tune the temperature and exposure of their phone cameras in order to enhance the video quality.
  • Ensure that your participants utilize their highest quality microphone, camera, or speaker. One way to ensure that your guests use their superior equipment is by encouraging them to exchange it.
  • A recorder for presentations of a superior standard. Instead of using screen share recordings of poor quality, upload your original presentation and create a separate high-quality local track recording.
  • Priority support. Utilize the platform to its fullest potential by working with a customer success manager and receiving top-notch customer support for any questions or concerns.
  • Ai transcriptions in over 100 languagesYou have access to tools that will enable you to effortlessly modify and reduce the length of your recordings.

If you want to begin creating a podcast for your business, you can check out this tutorial and then proceed by implementing the instructions given.

Step 1: Book a demo Collaborate with our Sales Team to discover the advantages of our Business plan for your needs.

Step 2: After successfully registering, the next step is to include your team members and regulate their authorizations. This can be done by going to your Business account dashboard and choosing ‘Business account settings’.

Step 3: Assign appropriate users to their respective productions and configure their access rights accordingly.

Step 4: After you have completed the necessary setup, you can begin recording your business podcast.

FAQs on Enterprise Podcast Solutions

What is the business model for podcasts?

To turn podcasting into a profitable business, it is necessary to explore multiple ways of monetizing it. This involves obtaining sponsorship agreements involving advertisements and also welcoming paying subscribers.

What is a podcast distribution platform?

A platform that distributes podcasts can also be called a hosting platform. This type of platform stores and spreads your podcast across the main listening platforms.

Which podcast platform is most suitable for making money?

It all depends on your specific needs. Our guide to the top podcast hosting platforms in 2023 provides all the necessary information.