Your show may not necessarily be better off by adopting interviews as the preferred podcast format, despite it being the most popular choice.

There are numerous ways to structure your podcast, and you can blend different methods as long as you maintain coherence. 

Regardless of whether you opt for a solo podcast or a story-based approach, every style has advantages and disadvantages.

We have created a manual that lists the different types of frequently used podcast formats in order to assist you in selecting the most suitable one for your program.

Choosing the correct style of podcast is important.

It may not be the case for every podcast, but having a consistent format is typically preferred by listeners. By using the same structure and organization for each episode, it allows listeners to easily follow along and better engage with the content being presented. 

Additionally, a consistent format can help podcasts gain a loyal following and build a strong brand identity. It is possible to maintain a consistent approach while also introducing some variety.

By following a consistent format, you can also give your listeners a sense of continuity and familiarity, which can help build a fanbase for your podcast. Maintaining a standardized podcast format can benefit you in multiple ways. 

As the producer, it enables you to plan content scheduling effortlessly, attract guests without hassle, and manage your workload effectively since you already have an idea of what your podcast will entail. 

Using the same outline for each episode also helps improve your skills as a podcaster due to increased familiarity with the structure and sequencing of each segment. 

Consistency in format creates an avenue for continuity and resonance with your audience by providing them with a sense of recognition that could increase interest in your podcast over time. 

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A podcast format that is consistent and interesting promotes word-of-mouth advertising. This simplifies the process of your audience describing and suggesting your show to their loved ones, which is a valuable form of free advertising and helps you expand your podcast’s audience.

Let us now explore the most commonly used formats of podcasts.

Solo Podcast Format

This style of podcast, referred to as monologue podcasts, involves a single host presenting the entire show. Sometimes, solo podcasts may deviate from this format by including a guest, but they are generally presented by only one person.

Say Your Mind Kelechi Okafor’s podcast is a great illustration of a lone podcast style, primarily featuring her perspective on topics such as Tarot, pop culture, and current events. Although she occasionally brings in guests, the show’s primary focus is on her as the only host.

  • Great for Being able to independently produce a podcast with complete autonomy and the ability to build a strong rapport with your listeners, while also developing and sustaining your own unique brand.
  • Challenges The responsibility of organizing the discussion and speaking continuously for an hour or longer can be overwhelming and challenging.
  • Tips It is important to ensure that you have a well thought-out plan for your scripts prior to beginning the recording process.

Multi-Host Podcast Format

During a podcast in a conversational style, a few regular hosts talk about various subjects within their selected niche (including politics, sports, music, true crime, etc.) throughout the duration of the show.

There are numerous multi-host or conversational podcasts, one such example being How Did This Get Made? The show features actor-comedian Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas as they dissect and criticize the most absurdly bad movies ever made.

  • Great for Collaboratively producing a podcast involves distributing responsibilities for creating content and completing other relevant tasks, thus providing listeners with a sense of involvement in an authentic dialogue.
  • Challenges Spending money on suitable podcast equipment and software for ensuring top-notch recording could be costly, while editing audio tracks from several individuals can become more challenging than working with a single file.
  • Tips It is crucial to ensure that the hosts have a good rapport with each other.
  • An internet connection for recording. It guarantees a high-quality conversation without any interference from the internet. 

When you are recording with a remote co-host, it is important to ensure that your recording software does not rely on your internet connection. This is because interruptions caused by poor internet connectivity can negatively affect the quality of the conversation. 

Consequently, Riverside provides an alternative solution where all files record directly on your device through local recording. This ensures uninterrupted, high-quality conversations. 

You have the option to download individual tracks for each participant, which provides greater editing flexibility when dealing with multiple speakers on the internet.

Interview Podcast Format

One of the most well-liked styles of podcasts involves a host or hosts conducting an interview with a different guest for each episode.

Drinks with Binks  Talks podcast, where speakers discuss a wide range of ideas and topics, and The Joe Rogan Experience, where Joe Rogan interviews guests from various fields such as science, entertainment, and politics. An interview was held with Chris Anderson on the radio show Fresh Air hosted by Terry Gross.

  • Great for In order to keep a healthy equilibrium, it is important to strike a balance between maintaining a predictable and familiar relationship with the audience while also offering fresh perspectives and ideas through the use of various interviewees in each episode.
  • Challenges Searching for individuals to interview and arranging recordings from a remote location.
  • Tips Utilize our guidance for discovering and getting guests ready for your podcast’s interview. Employ Riverside to arrange and record high-quality podcast interviews in any location where you and the interviewee can be found.

Panel Podcast Format

These podcasts follow a roundtable-style format, much like interview podcasts. Each episode features a host and several guests, similar to a panel show on television.

The Political Gabfest, produced by Slate, is a highly recognized podcast featuring a panel of journalists Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and David Plotz. The hosts engage in conversations about various elements of American politics with different guests featured on each episode.

  • Great for This relieves the host of pressure since each episode features various speakers bringing in diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • Challenges The task involves locating numerous guests who are suitable for each episode’s subject and arranging recording sessions that work with their schedules. It also involves ensuring that everyone is given equal opportunity to participate in the conversation and skillfully editing multiple audio tracks.
  • Tips Adhere to the recommended procedures for conducting interview-style podcasts and experiment with Riverside’s Editor, which conveniently transitions the display to the speaker speaking at present.

Narrative Podcast Format


These are real-life stories and experiences. This type of podcast format encompasses a diverse array of subjects, including tales of legitimate crime such as in the show Radio Rental, personal anecdotes. 

They are often heard on the radio program now turned podcast known as This American Life (a prime example of content being reused), and stories relating to the business world and brand development such as in Creator Economics where the content features actual narratives reflective of real-life circumstances. 

  • Great for Simultaneously providing amusement and enlightenment to the audience; conveying knowledge through alternative means.
  • Challenges Discovering individuals who are willing to share their narratives and conducting thorough investigations for accuracy can take up a lot of time, which may result in an inconsistency in episode publishing. Your audience will let you know if there are any discrepancies.
  • Tips To make sure you meet your deadlines, it’s important to plan your content ahead of time. Additionally, to make your stories more interesting, consider using other forms of media such as music, sound effects or TV clips. You can easily do this by using a podcast soundboard like Riverside’s Media Board.


The format of fiction storytelling podcast, also referred to as podcast theater, is similar to radio dramas since it comprises of stories that are spread across multiple episodes.

Limetown is a well-liked fictional narrative podcast that tells a dramatic story about the disappearance of more than three hundred individuals, including men, women, and children, from a small town in Tennessee.

After gaining popularity, Limetown was adapted into both a television series and a prequel novel, highlighting the potential for this format to expand and generate revenue for your podcast.

  • Great forIf executed effectively, you can cultivate devoted listeners who eagerly anticipate your next episode, as well as benefitting from limited competition as this particular format is not as widely popular. It all boils down to producing innovative and original content.
  • Challenges You will face competition from other widely popular forms of drama such as TV shows, movies, and radio broadcasts instead of podcasts. Since it is a specialized format, you may find it challenging to locate the appropriate audience. Additionally, creating and producing content for podcasts necessitates a significant amount of planning including scriptwriting, casting, and rehearsals. Sorry, there is no paragraph attached for paraphrasing. Please provide the paragraph so I can assist you better.
  • Tips Prepare your content beforehand by scripting the entire story in order to prevent delays in publishing. Utilize our podcast production guide to ensure that you cover all of the necessary details. Elevate the drama by including additional sound clips through Riverside’s Media Board and guarantee that you draw your audience in. It is important to captivate your audience at the beginning of your podcast as research shows that they may lose interest and up to 35% of listeners may stop listening within the first five minutes.

DIY Podcast Format

In the end, although many podcasters tend to adhere to a single format for their program, some choose to vary it with their own distinct podcast styles.

category. Despite it being a one-person production, George the Poet’s podcast, Have You Heard George’s Podcast?, is highly regarded and has won multiple awards. The show utilizes a combination of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction storytelling, which sets it apart from traditional solo podcasts and solidifies its place in the DIY podcast genre. 

  • Great for This podcast has a one-of-a-kind quality that makes it attractive to experienced listeners who crave something fresh, as well as to those who aren’t already into podcasts because of its versatility.
  • Challenges Creating distinctive content as a single host requires a considerable amount of effort and ideation.
  • Tip Before embarking on the challenging task of creating a podcast, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and determine if there is a target audience for the distinctive content you plan to deliver.

Which Podcast Format Is Right For You?

“After going through the advantages and disadvantages of all the available podcast formats in this article, you might have a preference. But if you’re still unsure, consider asking yourself these questions before making a decision on which format would be suitable for your show.”

  • What is the most effective method to communicate your show’s details? If your objective for the podcast is to provide specialized guidance, it would be ideal to adopt either an interview or panel format. Conversely, if you intend to produce humorous content, a multi-host podcast would be more suitable as it allows for uninterrupted discussion and playful exchanges.
  • What is the most effective method to make your show unique and noteworthy? Conduct a thorough examination and assessment of similar shows and consider creating something that is distinct from them or an improvement on their format. This will pique the interest of potential listeners to give your show a chance.
  • What aligns most with your individuality and fashion sense? In order for both guests and audiences to enjoy participating and listening, it is crucial to derive pleasure from creating your content. It’s important to follow your intuition and choose what you find most effortless and pleasurable to produce.

In English language, the paragraph can be paraphrased as: “There is no definite approach or method for this. You may opt for some interviews and some solo episodes as you prefer. However, it is essential to maintain consistency in the end.”

Choose a preferred layout and create a high-quality podcast episode.

Selecting the appropriate podcast layout for your program is a significant determination that depends on your material, rivals, and your role as either the creator or host. What may be effective for some podcasts may not be ideal for others. We cannot advise you on which format would be the most suitable for your show as it solely relies on your own preferences.