What exactly is the process of video transcription and why should you give it importance?

Although one may think that video transcription is not important or needed, it is actually a crucial tool for marketing purposes. By transcribing the video, you can broaden your audience and attain your digital marketing objectives, making it an effective approach to enhancing your content’s exposure. Who would have thought?

This guide will show you the reasons and steps for beginning with video transcription through Riverside.

What Is Video Transcription?

Video transcription involves transforming the audio from your video into written words. In addition to spoken words, transcriptions also capture non-verbal sounds like chuckles and giggles. 

Video transcription can be done by a combination of both human transcriptionists and transcription software, or solely by one of the two methods. 

Your video transcription can be utilized to create closed captions or subtitles. 

Why is video transcription important?

Transcripts enhance the accessibility of your content. 

 connection. Making your content accessible through video to text transcription is of utmost significance as it ensures that people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, those who struggle to watch videos with sound, and people who have limited internet connectivity can also have access to it.

With video to text transcription, you can cater to a larger audience and provide them equal opportunity to engage with your content. I’m sorry, there is no paragraph provided to paraphrase. Please provide the paragraph for me to assist you. 

Transcripts can improve the understanding of your videos, especially for non-native English speakers. They can also serve as a valuable educational tool. 

Transcripts improve UX

UX revolves around the user’s interaction and enjoyment of a product or system. The creation of video transcripts offers various options for viewers to engage with and access your content, catering to their preferences and enhancing their overall experience. 

Video transcripts significantly improve user experience through the use of closed captions and subtitles. They have proven to increase engagement, watching time, and overall improve user satisfaction. 

Video transcripts help to counter the trend of quickly scrolling through content on digital platforms. 

In today’s world, individuals tend to have a reduced capacity for sustained focus and prefer browsing through content instead of actively interacting with marketed material. However, the inclusion of closed captions and subtitles can enhance engagement by catching viewers’ attention and motivating them to watch the entire video as opposed to only a portion of it. 

How Video And Podcast Transcripts Can Be Beneficial In Achieving Your Marketing Objectives 

1.Transcripts have the potential to serve as both blog posts and content for social media platforms. 

Video transcripts have various uses and can be easily modified to suit different purposes. They can be utilized as written pieces for blogs or portions of them can be shared on social media platforms, ensuring that your video materials continue to be useful. 

2.Transcripts can be easily shared and quoted. 

Having transcripts of your videos makes them easily shareable on social media. You and your audience can share snippets from the video instead of sharing the entire thing, which can help generate more attention and reach new viewers. 

Additionally, having a transcription allows for easier sharing and accessibility of the content as it can be easily translated into different languages or used for closed captioning. Overall, having a transcription is advantageous for both the speaker and the audience. It is important to avoid being quoted incorrectly. This way, both parties can benefit. 

3.Transcripts Are Good For SEO

Transcribing videos can enhance your website’s search engine ranking and boost the visibility of your content, leading to an expansion in your viewership and wider reach. It’s a clear-cut decision that comes without any second thoughts. 

4.Transcripts are a valuable resource for identifying important keywords. 

Video transcripts provide search engines with precise information about the content of your video and guarantee its accurate categorization. This guarantees that your material will show up in appropriate searches and be recommended to viewers who are interested in it. 

A helpful advice is to make sure that your video transcription is optimized with the use of relevant keywords. This can be done by either incorporating keywords during editing or improving its readability for better optimization. 

Link building opportunities

The transcript can be used effectively to improve your rankings in SEO by adding internal as well as external links. For instance, if you mentioned a particular product or an earlier episode during your video or podcast, you can add a relevant link within the transcript. 

This also improves the reader’s interaction with your content, allowing them to immerse themselves further. 

How to transcribe video: 3 Methods

Listen, pause, type, repeat

If you have sufficient free time, you can review your video and transcribe it on your own. It’s clear that if you have limited funds, doing the transcription yourself is the most cost-effective alternative. 

Remember that transcribing a video, even if it’s only thirty minutes long, requires more time than you might anticipate and can be quite boring. 

Hire someone to do it for you

 If you do not want to complete the task independently, you can hire a human transcriptionist to do it for you. However, this option may be more expensive because you are paying for their capability to understand language nuances, context, and various accents.

Furthermore, human transcriptionists often take longer to complete the task. Automated transcription software is less effective than human transcription. 

You might already be familiar with a freelance transcriptionist, or you can hire one by leveraging the services of a transcription company. 

Make the process faster by using automated transcription technology for videos. 

Automated software that transcribes videos is much faster in completing the task compared to manual transcription. 

The only disadvantage is that you may need to double-check your transcript for errors made by the machine. However, this doesn’t take up much time and is a concern even for human transcriptionists. 

Advantages Of Using Automated Video Transcription

Manual Transcriptions Take Time

In today’s fast-paced world, wasting time is equivalent to wasting money. Waiting for your transcription can be a total waste of your precious time. However, with an auto video transcription tool, you can save a lot of time and effort. It is not only simple but also very convenient to use. 

Transcripts Cost Money

As previously stated, manual transcription is typically more expensive, whereas automated transcription is fast and affordable. 

When searching for an automated service that can transcribe videos, there are certain factors to consider.

First of all, accuracy is crucial, as you want the transcriptions to be as precise as possible.

Secondly, speed is also important, as you don’t want to wait too long for your transcripts.

Compatibility with different video formats and languages should also be taken into account. Lastly, the cost of the service should fit within your budget without sacrificing quality.


You are searching for an automatic transcription tool that can match or surpass the quality and precision provided by a human transcriptionist. 


When considering video transcription, it is important to prioritize seeking out a fair price as it can be an expensive addition to the production process. 


Your transcription software should be user-friendly and require minimal effort from you in order to obtain an accurate transcript of your video. The process should be simple and intuitive. 

Turnaround Time

The delivery duration for transcription services could differ, and it’s crucial to verify their declared timelines to meet due dates. For automated transcription, minimal time is required for project completion, so ensure quick turnaround time while selecting your preferred service.

Refuse services that cannot guarantee speedy completion. I’m sorry, there is no paragraph provided to paraphrase. Please provide the necessary information for me to assist you better. 

What occurs subsequent to the transcription completion?

After obtaining the transcription, it is now the moment to utilize it and derive benefits from its effectiveness.

Think about adding time-stamps

‍Adding time stamps to your video and transcript can provide your audience with a useful tool for navigating through the content. This enables the transcription to act as a guide for the video, allowing viewers to easily skip or locate specific sections, or even resume watching from where they previously left off.

Share it together with your podcast or video episode.

Make sure to provide a written version of your podcast or video by adding a transcription. Ensure that the transcription is easily accessible and noticeable for your audience to use.

Publish it as a blog article 

Consider transforming your transcript into a blog post that you can share with your audience. This is an excellent method of reusing your transcription and captivating more individuals with your material.

Adapt your transcript for social media

Utilize amusing or profound quotes from your transcript to create Instagram posts or tweets, as this can be very successful in enticing individuals to view the entire video on your website.

Use the written record of your dialogue to create subtitles or captions that appear on screen.

To begin with, we need to clarify the distinction between subtitles and closed captions.

Subtitles Reproduce the conversation spoken in the video.

Closed captions (CC) A verbatim transcription of any audio captures all the words and sounds accurately, including non-verbal sounds like wind blowing or laughter.

It provides a comprehensive textual representation beyond just dialogue that helps in understanding the context better.

Your transcript can be utilized to generate either subtitles or closed captions for your video, based on your preference. You can access various free tools that offer this service; however, you may have to manually align them with the audio.

Which equipment is necessary for transcription?

Noise-canceling headphones

If you choose to transcribe on your own, it is necessary to have a set of headphones that cancel out noise. Transcribing demands great attention and requires precise work. Noise-cancelling headphones will enable you to concentrate better even in loud surroundings.

Recommended: Transcription software

Although manual transcription is effective, it is a very time-consuming process. However, there are automated transcription tools available which can simplify this task for you. By using such software, you can enjoy all the advantages without having to put in extra effort.

What is the duration needed to convert a single hour of audio into written text?

The answer to this question varies based on the type of transcription.

DIY transcription 

We can assure you that transcribing an hour’s worth of audio, if you are inexperienced, may take you at least four hours or more.

Moreover, if the sound is of inferior quality or if you have to transcribe multiple heavy accents, it could lead to a longer transcription time.

Human Transcription

A skilled transcriptionist can transcribe an hour of audio in about two hours, which is obviously faster than an unskilled person. However, they still cannot match the speed of automated transcription software.

If you use an agency, the time it takes to complete the task will be determined by their processes such as accuracy checks, revisions, and workload from other clients. Typically, it takes at least one day to complete such tasks.

Automated Transcription

Compared to manual transcription, the process is nearly instantaneous. It may take just a few minutes to transcribe an hour of audio.

What is the time required to transcribe a podcast?

The duration required for transcribing a podcast varies depending on the length of the episode. If you utilize Riverside.fm, your podcast will be transcribed in a matter of minutes.

What is the duration of time required for transcribing a video?

The process for transcribing a podcast or video is the same. However, the duration taken depends on how long the video is.