Can you record Discord audio?

Discord primarily emphasizes chat, yet it doesn’t prohibit you from saving your conversations for future use. 

Discord provides an excellent set of audio recording features that are seamlessly integrated, allowing users to easily record content without switching to any other platform. 

These user-friendly tools operate intuitively, making them easy to use. Created to be easily usable on various devices and methods of recording.

4 ways to record audio on Discord

In order to create top-notch audio content on the Discord server, there are four primary methods to choose from. 

It is important to carefully contemplate these options and their respective benefits in order to make a well-informed decision about which software solution would be optimal for meeting your specific needs.

How to record on Discord with Craig

Discord has developed its own recording bot named Craig, which enables users to record their calls within the app without requiring any external software. This new feature is versatile and can be utilized on both PC and mobile devices.

The Craig bot provides the ability to record audio from multiple Discord voice channels simultaneously. This results in individual audio files for each speaker. Craig is restricted to server owners for usage.

1.How To Record Audio On Discord Using A Computer

If you want to capture audio from Discord on a computer or desktop device, you can follow these instructions.

Step 1:You can go to the website of Discord Craig Bot by visiting

Step 2: Send an invitation to Craig for joining your Discord server.

Step 3: Select the specific Discord server in which you wish to capture audio.

Step 4: Press the authorize button in order to finish the Recaptcha procedure.

Step 5: To enter the Discord voice channel, enter the command ‘/join’ into the chatbox.

Step 6: Press the send button! Once you have done that, you will have the ability to initiate audio call recordings in the voice channel where the Craig bot has been enabled.

Step 7: After finishing your recording, enter the word ‘/stop’ into the chatbox and then click on send.

Step 8: You can now retrieve your recorded content via your Craig bot conversation.

2. How To Capture Audio On Discord Using iOS And Android Devices

No need to worry if you don’t have a desktop computer; the Craig bot is suitable for use on mobile devices including iPhones and Androids, meaning you can still record audio content from Discord.

Learn how to capture audio on Discord using your iOS or Android device.

If you wish to capture Discord audio on an iOS device, like an Apple iPhone, then just follow these uncomplicated instructions.

Step 1: Access your Discord profile and establish a server on the Discord platform.

Step 2: Go to the website of Discord’s Craig bot by accessing

Step 3: Invite Craig to join your Discord server.

Step 4: Select the desired server to capture footage on and grant permission to proceed.

Step 5: To ask Craig to join your server, type ‘/join’ in the chatbox and click send. Then, select the channel where you want to save the recording.

Step 6: You can halt or end your recording by typing “/stop” in the chatbox or clicking on the “Stop Recording” button.

Step 7: Access your chat with Craig bot and choose the option ‘Retrieve recordings’.

Select the file format that suits you best and save your recording directly onto your device. This way, you can easily access it later for editing or sharing purposes.

3. How To Record On Discord With OBS

If you are having difficulty using Discord’s Craig bot to record audio, an alternative solution is OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. OBS, which is free and open-source, lets you capture both video and audio content. 

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, making it a versatile option. 

To start recording Discord using OBS, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. To follow the audio, you must take the following measures.

Step 1: the virtual camera plugin separately. Once OBS is installed, you can launch it and start setting up your streaming profile. 

Choose the settings that best suit your needs, including your preferred video and audio codecs, resolution, and frame rate. 

After you’ve configured the settings to your liking, you can begin streaming to platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or record locally to your computer for later editing or storage.

Step 2: To begin, launch OBS and find the sources segment. Then, choose the symbol to expose a selection menu.

Step 3: Select the option of ‘Audio Output capture’ and then click on the create button.

Step 4: Locate the properties menu and select your desired output device before proceeding by clicking OK.

Step 5: Select the option to commence recording from the controls menu, which will enable you to record audio from Discord.

Step 6:Make sure to verify the location where your Discord recordings are stored so that you can retrieve them at a later time.

Note: To record audio on your Mac, you may need to obtain additional software such as Step SoundFlower or Loopback.

4.How To Record audio On Discord By Using Audacity

Audacity is an excellent choice for recording as it allows you to obtain superior audio from your Discord server. This program works well with devices that are powered by Windows, macOS, GNU, and Linux.

To commence, adhere to these procedures.

Step 1: Get the Audacity application onto your computer by downloading and installing it.

Step 2: Start by launching Audacity and then choose “edit” from the menu located in the upper left-hand corner of the main interface.

To access Audacity on a Mac computer, click on the application located in the upper left-hand corner of your home screen.

Step 3: From the menu that drops down, select “Preferences” and navigate to “Devices” in order to choose your microphone as the recording device.

Step 4: To begin recording audio, access a Discord channel and click on the Audacity’s red record button.

Note: Ensure that the volume of your audio is sufficient for recording purposes.

How To Record A Podcast On Discord

Using Discord to connect with podcast guests remotely makes it an excellent tool for recording podcasts.

The most suitable method to record your podcast content using Discord is to utilize a desktop device, as it provides access to the greatest number of recording features.

By creating your own Discord server, you’ll have access to the Craig bot tool, which can be used to record audio directly from the platform. 

With this tool’s features and commands, you can create multi-channel audio files that can be edited later to produce top-quality podcast content. 

This way you can make use of the different channels available on your server to produce engaging content. One or more distinct pathways.

Here are some useful hints to enhance the quality of your audio recordings on Discord.

There are some steps you can take to enhance the standard of your Discord audio recordings.

1. Know your recording tools

The more knowledge you have about the software, the higher your chances of producing high-quality audio without any errors or interruptions. 

Do your due diligence before embarking on a new Discord recording and equip yourself with the necessary skills to minimize problems and maximize your recording’s audio output. 

Familiarize yourself with your software by practicing, so that you can easily choose the appropriate commands.

2. Optimize your settings

Selecting the highest available sound and video resolutions is recommended, but it’s necessary to consider the purpose and intention behind your video recording. 

It is advisable to pick the appropriate layout and optimize your settings beforehand for better results. 

When selecting a recording format for the channels where you intend to distribute your content, it is advisable to opt for a bitrate range of 3500 to 6000 for optimal audio and visual clarity.

3. Use the right equipment

It is important to remember that the right equipment matters and will have a significant impact on the quality of your final product. 

While using a phone or computer may be suitable for beginners, investing in a good microphone will provide greater benefits for serious recording purposes. 

This investment can positively affect the sound quality and aid in achieving excellent audio outcomes. Achieving high-quality and expert outcomes.

4. Speak as clearly as possible

Clear communication is key when recording audio, so speak into your microphone clearly and avoid slurring or stumbling over your words. 

Repeat content when necessary to ensure that listeners can easily comprehend what you are saying. The material that you distribute.

5. Eliminate background noise

It is helpful in removing unwanted sounds when you’re talking on the phone or using your computer. By eliminating background noise, you can enhance the overall clarity of your recorded content and make it more enjoyable for your audience. 

So, make sure to choose a quiet location to record, switch off any disturbing sound sources and use a noise cancellation feature if available to refine the quality of your recording. 

The use of earplugs can reduce unwanted sounds that may cause discomfort or divert the attention of those listening to you.

6. Work with your collaborators

coordinate with each other before starting an audio project, in order to ensure consistency and high quality. 

It is essential to establish clear communication and guidelines amongst the team ahead of time.

To minimize unwanted sounds, one should adhere to a recording schedule or improve their devices and software.

7. Keep track of recordings 

Don’t risk losing your hard work – take the necessary steps to properly store your recordings so they can be easily accessed and shared later on. 

One helpful tip is creating a consistent file naming system or utilizing digital folders as a designated storage space. 

Storing recordings in different places can prove beneficial. You may choose to save your files on a USB device, or you could email them to yourself to ensure their safety.

8. Be prepared to edit

Keep in mind that it’s not necessary for your recordings to be flawless since imperfections are a natural part of the process. 

As long as you’re willing to make adjustments and put in the effort to improve the quality of your content, you’ll be able to create excellent audio recordings. Make the listening experience as seamless and effortless as possible.

9. Assess your recording setup

Keep track of your progress by monitoring the results and analyzing the feedback provided. By doing so, you can refine your approach and enhance its effectiveness. 

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10. Integrate new solutions

As you gain more experience in recording, you will acquire knowledge on how to enhance your skills. It is advisable to keep yourself informed about the latest advancements in recording technology and be ready to incorporate novel solutions as they arise. 

 FAQs On How To Record Discord Audio

Do you still have any queries or concerns about recording audio from Discord? We have compiled a list of common questions and provided answers to assist you further. 

 Can you record a Discord video call?

Usually, when recording Discord, the emphasis is on capturing audio, but it is also feasible to record a video call on Discord. This can be achieved by utilizing the screen recording feature that comes with your device or by using a third-party tool such as Riverside. 

What is the method for recording audio on Discord without incurring any cost? 

The majority of the Discord recording options mentioned above are completely free to use. Although some platforms may have extras that require payment, the basic recording features can be accessed for free. This is a convenient way to test out different software choices before committing to purchasing anything. 

Is there a notification from Discord when you capture the screen? 

Discord presently does not alert other users when someone decides to record a call on their screen. The reason for this is that the screen recording takes place beyond the Discord platform and its features. 

What is the method to capture the audio of someone else on Discord? 

The Craig bot in Discord is created to be a tool for recording across various channels. This implies that you can utilize the fundamental capabilities of the Craig bot to gather audio from several channels, which encompasses your own audio and audio from other individuals within your server. 

Recording both Discord audio and gameplay can be achieved by few strategies, which include using third-party software or the built-in features of the platform.

 If you wish to record audio and gameplay footage using Discord, there are a few alternatives available. The most straightforward way is to use the Discord Craig bot for sound capture and rely on your device’s screen recording feature for visual information.

Additionally, you can look into external video and audio services that may be helpful. The Discord platform can be used with these devices. 

 Is it legal to record Discord calls?

The permissibility of recording Discord calls is subject to individual circumstances. Nevertheless, in the US, it is generally lawful to record Discord calls as long as one participant in the call agrees to be recorded.