Why Should I List My Podcast On Spotify?

Spotify operates as a directory for podcasts, similar to a telephone book, where listeners can easily locate desired content. Contrary to popular belief, Spotify does not host the mp3 files of podcasts. Rather, it streams these files from the podcast host.

After submitting your podcast to Apple Podcasts, which serves as the main source for other directories such as Pocket Casts, listing your podcast on Spotify is a highly effective method of increasing audience engagement, generating new traffic and enhancing your credibility and reputation. Additionally, it allows you to accumulate valuable data and feedback from listeners through reviews. This is particularly true as it is considered one of the most prominent directories worldwide.

Spotify is considered a strong competitor to Apple Podcasts, which is the default app for iOS users (previously known as iTunes), and is even more popular than Google Podcasts, the default app for android users.

  • BuzzSprout states that 30.7% of individuals who enjoy podcasts utilize Spotify as their primary platform for listening.
  • As of October 2021, the number of individuals using this platform on a monthly basis has reached 381 million, marking a growth of 19% from last year. Similarly, the count of paying customers has also grown by 19% to reach 172 million.
  • Not including your podcast on Spotify, along with more than 3 million others, would be detrimental to the growth of your podcasting business.
  • The amount of individuals listening to podcasts on Spotify has almost multiplied since the year 2019.
  • The growth of Spotify is predicted to persist due to their noteworthy investment in exclusive podcast rights such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Michelle Obama’s podcast, in addition to adding support for video podcasts. It is advisable to join the trend sooner rather than later.

How to prepare your podcast for Spotify

There are several requirements that you must fulfill before you send your podcast to Spotify.

Audio Formats

  • MP3 files that have a bitrate of 128kbps or higher are compatible, as well as MP4s that have AAC-LC.
  • It is suggested that episodes should not exceed 2GB in size, which is approximately equivalent to 12 hours of content at a bitrate of 320 Kbps.

Image Formats

When creating your podcast cover art, it is recommended to save it as a file in either JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format. It should have an aspect ratio of 1:1 (square) and be saved at the highest possible resolution.


  • It is recommended that any elements meant for consumers should not be longer than 20 characters to make sure they fit well with all of Spotify’s clients. It is important to note, however, that this guideline does not include podcast and episode descriptions.
  • To have an acceptable RSS feed, you need to have a distinctive title and cover art for your podcast. It is also necessary to provide a brief description of the episode in at least one recording, and ensure that the audio file is uploaded onto your host.

Tip One should go through the entire manual of Spotify’s Podcast Delivery Specification to understand it completely.

Make sure to verify whether your podcast hosting provider has a collaboration with Spotify, as various companies such as Podbean and BuzzSprout do. If they do have a partnership, submitting your podcast to Spotify can be done directly through your host, and you can also access statistics there.

Continue reading to discover the way you can submit your podcast to Spotify.

How to Upload a Podcast to Spotify

For those who prefer learning through videos, begin by watching the suggested video. The article will then provide a detailed walkthrough on how to successfully upload a podcast onto Spotify.

 It is recommended to create a separate Spotify account and use the email associated with your podcast host to prevent any uploading errors. 

Keep in mind that by creating an account, you are agreeing to Spotify’s terms and conditions. After signing up, you can easily log in and add your podcast. They added an RSS feed to their platform.

Visit the podcast page of Spotify and select the option to begin.

In order to proceed, you need to place the RSS feed of your podcast in the designated section and press Next. The artwork, description and title of your podcast will then be displayed on the right-hand side of the page.

To confirm ownership of your podcast, Spotify will request that you provide a code sent to the email address connected with it.

Include more specifics such as the category of the podcast (which will offer a range of topics to select from), as well as the language and location.

Review the information, and submit!

Spotify will not send you a notification when your podcast is available, therefore be vigilant and once it is live, make sure to promote it on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Utilize the convenient marketing tools available specifically for podcasts to achieve the best results.

Spotify Submission Process: FAQs

How much time does it take for my podcast to become available on Spotify?

Sometimes, it only takes a few hours to get your podcast on Spotify, but most of the time it could take up to five days for your show to actually appear on the platform. Unfortunately, Spotify does not notify you via email when your show is finally live, so you will have to monitor it yourself. This can be quite frustrating.

What is the time frame for a new podcast episode to show up on Spotify?

If you add new episodes to your podcast, the data will appear on Spotify a day after because they update the information daily.

What is the process to alter the category of my podcast on Spotify?

Regrettably, at present, you are unable to alter your chosen podcast category on Spotify. However, the company aims to develop the functionality for this capability in the future.

How To Monetize A Podcast On Spotify?

Previously, it was not possible to earn money from your podcast on Spotify, but starting from April 2021, new tools for monetization were introduced. These tools are accessible through Anchor, which is Spotify’s app for creating podcasts. 

They allow podcast creators to gather a larger audience and make profits by offering subscription-based services. 

There are various methods to earn income besides Spotify, including incorporating sponsorships and advertisements during hosting or diversifying avenues such as merchandising, e-books, or exclusive content offering through platforms like Patreon. 

In the event that your podcast garners a large and devoted audience, congratulations! If you are lucky, the company may be interested in negotiating with you to have your show available only on their platform.

How can I check the number of listeners I have on Spotify?

If you have used your host to submit your podcast to Spotify, you can generally view some statistics there. But if you submitted it directly to Spotify, just log in to the podcasting page to see all the details about your audience including the number of listeners you have.

Where can I locate my podcast’s “Listen on Spotify” badge?

found on your Spotify dashboard). By doing so, your audience can easily access and listen to your show directly on Spotify. Simply download the badge from your dashboard’s ‘DETAILS’ tab, place it on your website with a link to your show’s Spotify URL, and allow easy access for listeners through Spotify. Discovered under the ‘Share’ section.

What are the steps to follow in order to add new podcast episodes onto Spotify?

any of your podcast content directly. Instead, it relies on the RSS feed from your hosting service to display and distribute your content. Once your RSS feed is connected, all new episodes will be automatically added to Spotify without any further action required on your part.

It is important to note that Spotify does not keep a copy of the actual podcast episodes themselves. Your host is where your media files are stored and played from.

What is the process of adding my podcast to Spotify through Anchor?

Initially, you must send your podcast to be distributed on your Anchor account. It may take a maximum of one day for it to become accessible on Spotify. Once completed, all forthcoming episodes published through Anchor will automatically display on Spotify.

If you have manually submitted your podcast to Spotify and would like your Spotify show link to be visible on your Anchor profile, then you should follow these instructions:

  • Copy the link to your show on Spotify.
  • Go to your anchor account and select ‘Settings’. Then, choose ‘Podcast Availability’ located on the upper right section of your screen.
  • Please navigate to the section titled ‘Available listening platforms’ and insert the hyperlink into the designated box for Spotify.
  • Scroll back up and click save.
  • Your public Anchor page will now display your Spotify listing.

You can visit the website of Spotify’s Anchor to obtain additional information on making a podcast.

How does Spotify’s RSS Feed work?

An RSS feed permits indexing platforms such as Spotify to display current information on their pages without manual input. The data is collected by the user’s RSS feed reader, in this instance being Spotify, and is constantly distributed in real-time, ensuring that the latest releases are always at the top of the list.

What is the price of hosting a podcast on Spotify?

You can add your podcast to Spotify without any cost because the platform is not storing your files, but playing them directly from your podcast host.

Does Spotify pay you for podcasts?

Unless you have a huge following similar to Joe Rogan and are interested in purchasing exclusive rights, Spotify will not provide payment for hosting your podcast. 

Typically, podcast creators generate revenue by featuring sponsored advertisements during their shows, producing profitable merchandise, or setting up a Patreon account that offers additional content. Longer sequences of events.